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About Rio Mundo Oil

About Rio Mundo Oil

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We produce high quality oil owing to the geographic location of our estate, the climate, the land and the water. The geographic location of the Azaraque olive grove on the border of the Autonomous Community of Castilla de la Mancha, the Albacete province and the Murcia Region, constitutes the boundary of the high plateau of the La Mancha region which enjoys a climate midway between the Mediterranean and the Continental. These lands of geographic and climatic contrast give a unique personality to certain products, like olive oil. With respect to the soil, the techniques we use avoid disturbing the hummus layer in the rows between the trees, thus avoiding erosion by dragging and winds giving the land a high content of organic material, to which is added the pruning. We use advanced cultivation techniques, frequently analyzing soil, water and leaves.



Nothing is left to chance in the production of Hannibal´s way oil: harvesting time is of vital importance in order to achieve the best final product. Olives are always harvested just before winter – during the maturation period when the olive turns from green to black – the latest trunk shakers are used exclusively to collect the olives without using sticks in order to protect the crown of the tree. The olives are transported to the oil mill for pressing within an hour of harvest. We do not use fallen olives. The olive are cold pressed immediately or at the most three hours after harvest. They are conserved in stainless steel drums in a seasonal storehouse, with the objective of conserving their organoleptic qualities.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico Rio Mundo


In the same way that we are interested in understanding the different varieties and properties of Extra Virgin olive better in order to improve the health of the consumers, we are also interested in organic cultivation, therefore, we allocate the areas of the production of the Arbequina and Hojiblanca olives that lie nearest to the organic cultivation of esparto vegetation and aromatic herbs. We conceived the organic olive grove as a natural woodland with insects, birds, aromatic herbs, scrub and other trees on the boundaries, we don´t use any chemical products. In this way, we introduce biodiversity, avoiding the risk of chemical residue in a healthy product, avoiding contamination of air and water, allowing us to provide a distinctive product.